Skill wait-time avoidance: Exploit
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Author:  Roadkill [ Fri Oct 20, 2006 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Skill wait-time avoidance: Exploit

Over there years, there have been numerous bugs discovered whereby you could avoid the intended skill-use wait times (the "cost" of that skill), by getting around the timer. Generally this involved finding an EA method that was poorly written and invoked it's OWN shorter timer, which would over-write the other running timer. One of the first was called the "pen trick". Since then there have been literally > 10 of these. The latest involve the virtues.

Because we missed a few threads/scripts that contained these exploits, I am posting this to re-iterate the forum policy:
1. avoiding intended wait-times at no cost is generally an exploit
2. You can not post scripts that make use of bugs or exploits here.
3. You can not DISCUSS exploits here--this post is already more detailed than we would normally allow.
4. This is not a MORAL stance--we don't care what your opinion is on cheating, exploits, arbitrary lines of going against the wishes of EA, etc... we do this for our own reasons. We think there is a difference in the IN-GAME RESULT between an automated player, and an automated exploit/bug using player. We know that if we allowed the forums to discuss/post such, the entire flavor of our forums would rapidly change into a kiddie-scam kind of place, and having seen the in game effects of 65,000 users running a new script, we know what would happen if we were a "clearing house" for exploits to the quality of the game for all.
5. If you're smart enough, and work hard enough learning EasyUO, you can probably do almost anything yourself, and you can write your own scripts and exploit to your hearts content privately at home... You CAN'T post about it here. I'm also not interested in what you do in your private bedroom, and won't allow THAT posted here either... you see the corollary?
6. There are many sites where you CAN discuss bugs/exploits, many euo folks also belong to other places and talk about stuff there. If you do, you'll agree that the maturity, longevity, flavor, and level of scripting found here is unmatched anywhere else. There is a reason for that, and we think it's worth enforcing an "arbitrary rule" to maintain it.

Have a great day etc..

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