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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 2:03 am 
Legendary Scripter
Legendary Scripter

Joined: 06/30/2003 01:42
Posts: 1201

When to Post
First, figure out if what you want to say has been said before:
  • Check the Image EasyUO FAQ and Image Search. Chances are much higher that the question or comment you want to post has already been covered. If it has already been covered and you cannot offer anything original then please do not post.
  • If you want code, check the Image Public Script Library, it's probably already been written.
  • If you dont know where to start with scripting, the Image Tutorials Board is a good place to start.

Where to Post
If it's original- figure out where you should post it. All of the boards are labeled with what we expect to be posted in them. Here are some explanations for some of the more popular boards.
  1. If it has general questions about EUO i.e., the programming language, the variables or commands then it should go on the Main Board.
  2. If it has a script that is totally and 100% finished, it should be on the Finished Script Board.
  3. If it has a script that needs work, it should be on the Debug Script Board.
  4. If it is requesting a script then it goes on the Script Requests Board, no matter how veiled that script request is. The script requests board has its own subset of rules, click here to read them before posting there!
  5. If it has to do with OSI issues, or other things, it goes on Off Topic.
  6. If it is a suggestion for how to improve EasyUO (the program or this site) it goes on the Suggestions Board.
  7. If it is a comment, question, or bug report regarding a specific script it goes in the script's original thread from wherever you got the script.

What to Post
Once you know where to post, and you're sure it's original, make sure it follows our content rules.
  1. Use a detailed and relevant subject for your post. Don't use subjects like: "need help" "check this out" "what is this"
  2. Post in a sane, calm, and mature fashion. Keeping your words readable means you are less likely to be misunderstood.
  3. Use [code] tags when including code.
  4. Use [quote] tags when quoting someone else.
  5. Do not attack other users.
  6. Do no defame, embarrass or lie about other users.
  7. Do not post copyrighted materials including scripts written by other people except where permitted by license. (Posting unoriginal code to get help with the code is not permitted regardless of license. Post for help in the script's thread.)
  8. Do not advertise for products of services except in places where such advertisement is explicitly allowed.
  9. Do not attempt to moderate posts, if a post or thread needs moderation please alert a moderator by using a Blue Card (Contributors Only) or PM.
  10. Do not cross-post or flood the forum.
  11. Do not re-open locked topics. If your topic gets locked that is not an invitation to start a new thread in order to 'try again'.

Dead Topics
Do NOT post or send PMs about these topics.
This info is available in multiple places and discussed so many times that it's just plain annoying now seeing a 'new' thread startup on these subjects whenever the client gets patched. Here they are again so you don't have to search for it:
  1. EUO not updated/doesn't work with latest client. Regardless of what you may think and how helpful a post on this subject is, everyone most likely by now is aware of it. The person responsible (Cheffe) for updating EUO doesn't need to be told about it either. It's ok to post a 'heads up' that UO just got patched to client x.x.x in Off Topic Forum, but most likely that's been done already too. When in doubt, just don't post at all until you've read and understand the board rules. Let a vet or mod post about the client patch.
  2. When will EUO be updated. EUO FAQ:

    Posting or PMs to a moderator regarding these topics:

    • EUO not updated/doesn't work with latest client.
    • When will EUO be updated.
    • What has to be done to EUO to make it work again.
    • How to get the latest client.
    • Send me an old client.
    • How to prevent patching.
    Will be deleted or locked without notice and poster issued a warning!
  3. What has to be done to EUO to make it work again. This question is usually followed by "Can I update EUO myself". Don't ask that either! Usually all Cheffe needs to do is remap memory addresses to their new locations in the client. While this may sound easy, it's not. Cheffe has been doing this for years. It is not something you can do easily yourself. In some cases, the client has been changed dramatically, requiring lots of work then just remapping memory locations. Cheffe has the source code to do this, you do not.
  4. How to get the UO client. There are several ways to get the UO client. Ask a friend you trust. Reload the program from your distribution CD and stop the patch process at the right moment (easier said then done). And search the net, just don't ask about it here. It is illegal to distribute UO unless you are authorized by OSI/EA to do so.
    Some of these links may or may not work:
    And then see #6.
    Also please read: Old Clients, EUO, and You.
  5. Send me an old client. Do you really need to ask this here? Would you accept software from someone you don't know? If you do, you deserve everything that you'll get along with it. And most people are not going to send something to someone they don't know either. Find it yourself. See #4.
  6. EasyUO Won't Start. Can't get past the questions. Read Posts about this will be locked and the author will be issued an automatic warning.
  7. How to prevent patching.

Illegal Scripts
Here's a list of the types of scripts we do not allow here.
  1. Goldfarming - Do not post scripts meant to automate goldfarming.
    (Library/Museum Quest Runners, Item Sellers, Auto-Hunting, etc...)
  2. UM/AFK Scripts - Do not post scripts meant to run unattended.
  3. Rails - Do not post actual rails. Rail scripts are fine, just not the real rail.
  4. Abuse - Scripts meant to grief, exploit, rob or compromise users.
  5. Anti-Anti-Macro code - Scripts to circumvent any anti-easyuo / anti-script / anti-macro.

These rules are subject to change without notice. When in doubt- ask.

Thank you,
-EasyUO Staff

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 Post subject: Re: Board Rules
PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2003 8:10 am 
User avatar

Joined: 06/08/2003 02:46
Posts: 4086
Location: Denmark

If you are unsure if a post or a script is suitable for run this script:

  1. Welcome:
  2.    display ok Welcome to the official EUO board rules checker!$
  3.    +Last update: 20-12-2003
  5. ;***SELECTION****************************************
  7. Selection:
  8.    display yesno Is the script written by someone else than you?
  9.    if #dispres = yes
  10.       goto NotAllowed
  12.    display yesno Is the script rail-based and includes a working rail?
  13.    if #dispres = yes
  14.       gosub RemoveRail
  16.    display yesno Is the script or post about a special trick or bug?
  17.    if #dispres = yes
  18.       gosub Bug
  20.    display yesno Does the script or discussed method affect other
  21.    + players in any way?
  22.    if #dispres = yes
  23.       gosub AffectsPlayers
  25.    display yesno Is your script/post about one of the following
  26.    + specific topics:$$-champion skull looting$-goldfarming$
  27.    if #dispres = yes
  28.       goto NotAllowed
  30.    display yesno Is your script a mighty Fishing-script?
  31.    if #dispres = yes
  32.       gosub read_call
  35.    goto DontKnow
  37. ;***SUBS****************************************
  39. sub Bug
  40.    display yesno Is the trick/bug bannable on OSI servers?
  41.    if #dispres = no
  42.       return
  44.    display yesno Is it a minor bug and widely known anyway?
  45.    if #dispres = no
  46.       goto NotAllowed
  48. sub AffectsPlayers
  49.    display yesno Is it likely that players will complain about it
  50.    + on the OSI boards?
  51.    if #dispres = yes
  52.       goto NotAllowed
  54. sub RemoveRail
  55.    display ok Remove the rail before posting.
  57. sub read_call
  58.    display ok RoadKill made a call to all capable scripters about the posting of powerfull fishing-scripts @ $$ Please read it...
  60. ;***RESULTS****************************************
  62. Allowed:
  63.    display ok ALLOWED!
  64.    halt
  66. NotAllowed:
  67.    display ok NOT ALLOWED!
  68.    halt
  70. DontKnow:
  71.    display ok The script or post does not appear to have
  72.    + offending content.
  73.    halt

This script might get updated in the future so please check back once in a while.

(The script is written by Cheffe. Updated by ScriptFellow and Orngrimm.)

[left][/left]You\\\'re not your job.
You\\\'re not how much money you have in the bank.
You\\\'re not the car you drive.
You\\\'re not the contents of your wallet.
You\\\'re not your freakin\\\' UO character.
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