RG's Auction House
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Author:  player111 [ Sat Jul 15, 2006 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  RG's Auction House

I have heard some info about the gypsys....
The gypsys are in great trouble, I was told by one of the gypsys that
there is a Evil group trying to stop the gypsys from gathering/auctioning
items soo cheap. Somone has stolen just about everything from the
auction house! This group of evil monsters is upset because the gypsys
have been Underpricing everything they auction, and the evil ones
cant seem to sell any of thier over priced items.

Most of the gypsys are away on quests for more precious items to
auction and know nothing of this. As soon as Jasper can
track down the other gypsys, i hope they will come up with a plan to deal
with this great crime and stop this group from costing all the poeple of all
the lands in alexandria more Gold coins. Im sure if anyone can find a way
to keep this evil from stoping the auctions and raising prices world wide,
Japser can! There are now reports of gazers and treefellows
attacking the auction house! Watchout, and be safe untill we can get to
the bottom of where the items went, and why monsters are attacking.

Only time will tell what the gypsys have planned . I hope
they get the auction house up and running again soon


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