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 Post subject: Alexandria Player Guide
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:18 pm 
Alexandria Staff
Alexandria Staff

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Welcome to Alexandria, the official EasyUO shard. On Alexandria, you will find full Time of Legends, Stygian Abyss, High Seas and Mondain's Legacy alongside some unique custom content. We have a diverse playerbase and a dedicated and fair staff who strive to give you the best freeshard experience that UO has to offer!

Connecting to Alexandria:[/url]

  • Get the client from the official UO website
  • If you choose to play with the UOSA (Enhanced Client), you can download the launcher here.
  • Minimum required version:
  • Get Razor to log on to Alexandria
  • Configuring UO in Windows 7[/url]
  • Server:
  • Port: 2593
A free Public Ventrilo server sponsored by our generous players, is located at
IP Address:
Port: 62328

Alexandria Specific Information:

  • Time of Legends - First and only free server with Complete publish 90 Time of Legends content! This includes full Stygian Abyss and High Seas!
  • New players can take items from the public Donation Chests and Powerscroll Book in luna
  • Your 3 permitted accounts can be linked together, allowing you to use the "vault" command to open a large bank box accessible by ALL of your characters!
  • The Alexandria Wiki contains information on custom Lexia systems, items, and quests. It also has details on shard mechanics, including pvp/pvm caps
  • Alexandria Custom Items are balanced, unique, and powerful additions to the game!
  • A white resurrection fountain is in luna that will automatically transport your corpse to you
  • Order/Chaos: a consensual choice-based pvp system for those who enjoy sparring other real life opponents, complete with custom pvp rewards as you rank up
  • Doom artifact turn in: 15 paragon artifacts = 1 doom artifact OR 5 doom artifacts = 1 random doom artifact
  • BOD Mailboxes that automatically collect BODs from ALL your eligible characters at the same time, with a single click!
  • Vendor searching through the crystal ball in luna -- search EVERY vendor on Alexandria from one place
  • A custom moongate next to the Luna stables with runes to interesting places, dungeons, vendors, and rune libraries
  • Resource boxes of every kind, powerscroll books, and stat scroll books will help keep you organized
Rules and Regulations:
  • Unattended Macroing (UMing) Policy
  • Character Naming Policy
General UO Guides:

As of 10/07/2017, Alexandria now supports the UOSA (Enhanced Client). To connect, simply download the Enhanced Client launcher (link provided above), and put the server address in like you would for Razor or UOSteam.

Donate to support Alexandria!

If you would like to add something to this guide, please PM me with a link to the additional information and it will be considered!

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