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PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 1:22 pm 
Alexandria Staff
Alexandria Staff
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Hi folks. After reading all the code, and building and running a big spreadsheet, I found several key things concerning skill gain on Lexia shard, that I think would be very useful and helpful for folks to know.

I am presenting this information because I believe that by the time folks come to a freeshard, and the EasyUO freeshard at that, they are not gaining their primary playing-fun from building chars skills. If this is YOUR enjoyment, then certainly, do not make use of these points below. However, if you would like to get a good char fast, so you can PLAY, this will help. I believe it is in the best interests of the shard to point out the unknown differences from OSI so you don't get frustrated and quit, due in part to skillgain differences.

1. First, there is no 8x8 on RunUO. Whatever the code/algorithm on EA/OSI that exhibits the symptoms of a line of "gain spots" in 8tile chunks, it doesn't exist on RunUO. This means that scripts can gain much faster by just going slow forward etc., and that any movement to "find the gainline" or "recapture the line", one forwarding, one back, etc., is all wasted time.
2. There IS antimacro code. The same skills that are affected by antimacro on OSI are affected on RunUO and our Lexia flavor of it. However, the antimacro code is different. It has three elements, here they are:
----1. Resource squares, or "grouped tiles" that are looked at as "one spot" for movement, are 5x5 tiles. This means you don't have to move as much. These squares are not based on where YOU are standing, but are just laid out from the 0,0 spot across the map. You may be standing right on the edge of one, or the center.
----2. You can gain 3 times in one "spot", which is a 5x5 square. Or, you can gain 3 times from one "object" if the skill is target-based like lockpicking or ArmsLore.
----3. The memory of what spot you're in or objects you gained from is 5 minutes. So really, you can gain in one spot or from one object 3 times every 5 minutes.

Other Antimacro elements:
---if you have < 10 skillpoints in hte skill, none of it applies, you just gain.
---NO antimacro code applies to pets! Just players! So a pet can GM a skill standing still.

4. The "skillgain" calculation to determine whether you gain while attempting the skill is pretty complex. With < 10skillpoints, if you gain you get a random gain of .1 to .4. Above that it's always .1 gain.

There are THREE weighted elements that are checked to determine if you gain, and your ability to optimize all three will GREATLY increase your gain rate. Here they are:
a. 50%, "success factor": Each skill attempt on an object or action will have three skill levels associated with it. YOUR skill, the minimum skill for the object to gain from it, and the maximum skill that object can gain at. For example, a tinkered locked box may have a minskill of 50 lockpicking and a maxskill of 75. If YOUR lockpicking is < 50 it's too hard--no gain; if your skill is > 75, no gain--you must be between the two. Now, the closer you are to the MINSKILL, the more weight this is--it approaches zero as you approach the max skill. However, if you SUCCEED you get .5 of this, but if you fail, you get .2. Thus, you want to be working on objects where you are WELL AWAY from the MAXSKILL of that object! This factor is weighted 50% of the total, and if it's almost zero because you are doing things almost too easy for you, ...suxx.

b. 25%, "Total Skills" factor: (Totalskillcap - TotalSkills ) / totalskillcap
This means that if you have 700 skill cap and you're at 697 trying to gain, you'll get almos ZERO! But if you are at 400 skills you get .5 chance to gain from this alone! Therefore, DONT GET TO SKILLCAP! The LOWER your total skills are the more chance you have to gain! Therefore, gain your HARDEST and most EXPENSIVE skills first! Magery should be done FIRST, not last "when you have $$",or it costs 4 times as much. Use some non-resource using skill like anat or spirit speak etc. for the final "top off".

c. 25% "base skill" factor: (Specific Skill Cap - base skill ) / skillcap
This obvioiusly approaches zero as your baseskill reaches it's cap, so this factor is SQUAT if you are at 99.8 and your cap is 100! You LOSE 25% of your gain chance BAM. Instead, ALWAYS increase your skill cap if able with a POWER SCROLL, EVEN IF YOU DON"T INTEND ON BOOSTING THE SKILL!! A 120ps in magery when you are at 99.7 magery or so, say, will let this be 20/120 = 17% gain chance boost!! HUGE increase.

In summary:
1. LOCK YOUR SKILLS except for your gainers, DONT hit skillcap, train most expensive/hardest skills FIRST
2. EAT a Power Scroll if at ALL possible, even if you're going to 100!
3. Always train WELL BELOW the maxskill for an item, but enough you succeed about 20-40%. As soon as you can jump up to the next "thing" or level for skill training, do so if you're near the max with the old. Example, Don't train taming on horses at 60, move up to bears, kinda thing.
4. Just slow forward instead of 8x8. At higher levels, you're probably NOT gaining .3/5min, so you could just sit dead still conceivably...

Good luck, enjoy

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 8:53 pm 
Master Scripter
Master Scripter
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Skills gains are pretty simple right now. How simple? Check out Silmano's Evaluate Intelligence gainer. (Works for anatomy too)

Simply stand in Glow Zoo and start it. I think we determined that you conceivably gm in less that 14 passes through the zoo. The average gains per circle was some where around 15.0 - 18.0.

That being said, scripts such as Snicker7's unmoving magery have been tailored specifically FOR Lexia.

I know I don't normally play here much anymore, but I hate to see the guys I know that DO play here alot lose out. Making the system too easy would be silly. If everyone is a 6xgm or 7xgm, the gm's would have to create tougher monsters to balance, then the newer chars would have to spend a few hours macroing up a char, just to be able to play.

The balance would be tipped back and forth until finally someone said enough is enough.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 4:41 am 
Elder Scripter
Elder Scripter

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nice work roadkill, even though i dont play Lexia this was helpful :D

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