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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:53 pm 
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Within the past month or two, the amounts of pages coming through the queue have increased tenfold. We are not always available, but for the most part some staff member will be on the shard within every (normal) hour of the day. This is perfectly fine.

However... quite a few of these recent pages have been unnecessary. Let it be said that while Alexandria is a shard open to all ages of people (those under 13 should really have the express permission of their guardians before logging into Alexandria) we will not enforce censorship on people, except in the case of racially/religiously oriented offenses, should it be deemed offensive to anyone on the shard. We request that if you have a dispute with another player that you resolve the problem on your own, and do not enlist the help of a staff member unless it pertains very specificially to the game. Pages sent to the staff in game should only pertain to the following matters:
  • A bug or glitch in the game
  • Password change requests
  • Stuck for help requests
  • The above mentioned offenses
  • Scam related incidents
DO NOT page us for any of the following things:
  • Questions related to game mechanics (please check Stratics and our forums first thoroughly, and if you absolutely cannot find the information, you can page and mention that you have searched Stratics and the forums thoroughly)
  • Requests to teleport or move your character to another place in the world when you are not stuck (stuck means absolutely unable to move, not lost)
  • Requests to resurrect your character
  • Requests to solve a dispute between two individuals for which staff is not absolutely required
  • Game play change suggestions or ideas (use the forums)

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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