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 Post subject: Update 09/09/2015
PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:20 am 
Alexandria Staff
Alexandria Staff

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Guild Vaults
  • Purchase guild treasurer deed from any banker.
  • Guild leaders can place the guild treasurer in their house
  • Double clicking the guild treasurer will open your bank vault
  • Each vault can have a total of 12 sub containers
  • Guild leader can add/delete sub containers, hue them, and give them descriptions
  • Guild leader can edit overall vault minimum guild rank access via guild menu, and can assign each sub container minimum rank access requirements
  • Each sub container is subject to the normal item count, 125.

House Foundation Stairs Deed Organizer
  • Purchase these from Mina the Cleanly in Luna
  • Do you even know about foundation stair addons? You can use them and place stair completely around your house!
  • Organizer is similar to other storage containers. You can filter each deed by stair facing and style.

Fish Cooler
  • These can be purchased by Shipwrights for a hefty cost
  • Only use-able while on a boat/galleon deck and/or in its hold
  • Does not give a weight reduction. It's simply a convenient tool while fishing. An easy way to offload would be using the dockmaster at the sea market

New Gumps
  • You may notice a small UO gump in teh upper left corder of your UO Window. Uses this as an easy way to access the Player Menu Guide. You can opt out from seeing this small gump by clicking the blue gem on the Player Menu Guide, at the bottom, or using command 'TogglePlayerMenu. The command will toggle it on/off.
  • Menus accessible via Player Menu Gump-
    • Lexia Info Gump- Also comes up when you select the help menu. The classic help menu is accessible through the Lexia Info Gump. With this gump, you will see Lexia Specific info including Server/Client info, systems, commands, etc.
    • Skills Info- A new skills info gump gives you player information about your skills, as well as a description and how to use each.
    • New Player Guide- Opens the new player guide each player is given when they create a character for various information
    • Lexia Customs- Gives a list of all(thought of at least) custom content on Lexia. When a selection is selected, the user will be forwarded to the appropriate WIKI page. Players can add their own customs entries, and will appear on the gump pending staff approval.
    • New Player Tour- The old new player tour has been updated, taking out locations that no longer exist, and adding a few more. Each player is now restricted to one tour per hour.

Message of the Day
  • An informative message system regarding updates and publishes. To opt out from receiving new ones on login, can push the blue UO button at the top of the MOTD gump
  • Use command 'MOTD to see current messages

New Player Donations
  • Accounts 90 days or less, and have not received a donation can receive, as long as there are some available
  • Accounts 90 days or older can donate, up to 5 times a day. Players receive 20 player points each time they donate
  • To donate, simply drop a container with the prerequisite items on Missy the new player donation vendor at Luna
  • Prerequisite items:
    • 3 Horned or Barbed runic kits, at least 15 charges
    • 1 Runebook
    • 20 recall scrolls
    • 25k bank check
  • Once prerequisite is met, players donating can add any item they wish to the container. This must be done prior to turn in.

-Added EA Begging:
-Added Doom Dark Guardian Room
-Added Scroll of Alacrity Storage Box

-Fixed bug with lumberjacking/hit spell damage on weapons

Do you play on a server where using EasyUO is illegal? Do you get tired of looking over your shoulder and risk being banned at all times? If so, try...

Alexandria, the Official EasyUO Freeshard

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