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 Post subject: Restart 06/13/2016
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:58 pm 
Alexandria Staff
Alexandria Staff

Joined: 10/08/2011 10:53
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- Vet Rewards:
  • Auction Safe Deed (year 1)
  • Spinning Lathe Deed (year 7)
  • Smithing Press (year 7)
  • Sewing Machine (year 7)
  • Fletching Station (year 7)
- New item trasmutation schematics. These schematics can only be used on the opposite racial counterpart. For example, if you have a schematic for Sign of Chaos (Gargoyle), you can only use it on the human Sign of Chaos. This will transmutate the human one into a gargish one, and vice versa. There is an ultra rare chance one will drop on a treasure chest, and a high chance one will drop on each of the new despises bosses, as well as Stygian Dragon and Medusa. Keep in mind, the race associated with the schematic will depend on the facet it is dropped in. You will notice a steep price to complete the transmutation.
- Publish 92 Questline (Myrmidex Invasion). Start the chain quest by visiting Hawkwind in Castle Blackthorn
- Added Runic Atlas Recipe to Eodon Recipe drop table for new large runebook via inscription menu.
- Added Nutcracker recipes to Eodon Recipe drop table for craftable nutcrackers via Cooking menu.
- These recipes, unlike EA, will have a small chance to drop on any Eodon Creature.

Bug Fixes
- Players should no longer get stuck in shadowguard encounters when it is finished
- Using context menu "leave shadowguard" will properly remove players from the encounter
- Fixed a typo in one of the shadowguard apples
- Fixed a bug when dragging gorgon lenses

Random Item Generator
- Has been enabled in all facets
- Item intensy will depend on the creatures fame
- Highest Damagers luck have several factors in item generation:
  • Chance to significanty bump the quality on lower end loot, meaning a small chance low end creatures can drop a potentially good item
  • Chance to bump property count
  • Chance to bump property intensity
  • Chance to bumb base budget for item

Do you play on a server where using EasyUO is illegal? Do you get tired of looking over your shoulder and risk being banned at all times? If so, try...

Alexandria, the Official EasyUO Freeshard

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