Update 5/16/2018
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Author:  dex [ Wed May 16, 2018 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Update 5/16/2018

Various Bug Fixes, etc.

Added new Instance Dungeon, Orc Encampment:
Fight your way through the Orc Dungeon to spoil the orcs plans for invasion. Deep within the dungeon, they have channeled dark magik to animate evil forces to aid them. Destroy it before its too late!

Added Transmutable Weapon Schematic, a chance to drop from the Orc Encampment upon completion. Keep in mind, these new weapons are account bound to whom crafts them.
Crafting: To utilize this schematic in crafting of a superior weapon, a skilled alchemist and Imbuer will need to combine 40 black power and
40 potash, as well as up to 5 magical weapons to unravel. Once your first weapon to combine is chosen, you are restricted to that weapon
class only. The higher imbuing score each unraveled weapon has, the higher intensities its magical properties will start with and/or leveled
up to. Keep in mind, not all magical properties will start at their max intensity, but can be increased by increasing the level of the weapon.
You will have the ability to choose a prefix and a suffix to reforge into the weapon. From each prefix/suffix name, two magical properties
will be chosen at random. " +

Combinging Weapons: You will have the option of combing up to {3} existing weapons into this weapon. Those weapons types will
be the types you will be able to transmutate the weapon into. It is recommended, where applicable, that you use each weapon combine slot for greater weapon flexibility
as well as a higher possible imbuing weight total that directly effects the maximum power of your new weapon. Some magcial properties have a chance
a chance of starting at maximum intensity, or in some cases where the combined weapons are extremely poweful, artifact level intensity.

Prefix/Suffix Selection:While choosing the prefix/suffix name is optional, it is vital in creating your highly customized weapon. By not
choosing a prefix/suffix name, the magical properties will be randomly chosen from standard loot tables. If the max transmutations for that weapon is
less than five, you will have the ability to chosse the remaining magical properties from the pool of an unchosen available prefix name. Your leftover
name will be restricted to any available that has not been chosen as your actual prefix or suffix." +

Increasing Magical Properties:<br>While some of the magical properties can start at maximum or artifact level intensity, some will not.
To raise those weaker properties, you will have to level up the weapon by imbuing it with resources obtained by unraveling items. The more rare the resource,
the more progress it will provide.

Transmutable Weapon Overview:<br>Once crafted, you will be able to transmutate your weapon into the weapon types in which you combined during your craft attempt.
This is especially advantageous in battle, where you get the benefits of several different weapons in one. Simply use the weapons context menu to
transmutate from one weapon type to another. Keep in mind, your swing delay will be reset once your transutate from one weapon to another."

Author:  dex [ Wed May 16, 2018 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Update 5/16/2018

British guards are recruiting those who dare to try the Orc Encampment near Brit Bank, Trammel.

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