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PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2014 6:58 pm 
Alexandria Staff
Alexandria Staff

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You can view details here: ... ent_System

What are the benefits of this?
A consentual, controlled PVP environment. You can create a one man, two man or four man team. The system will keep track of all stats, including wins/losses, tournament wins/losses and a point scale. What are the points for? I don't know yest but will think of something if this system is used more.

How many arenas are there?
There are 4. Khaldun Tram and Fel, and New Haven Tram and Fel (Occlo).

How do I participate in an arena fight?
First, you must register a team. Try registering a single team first, for some one versus one fights. You can also register a twosome and/or foursome team.

Can I be in multiple teams?
Yes! But you can only be in one of each type of team.

Can I be counted as a murderer when i slay others with my PVP skills?
No, all enemy fighters will be flagged as orange when they fight.

Who can create a tournament?
Anyone can start a tournament!

Why would I start a tournament?
As the tournament creator, you will receive 25% of the total pot. The total pot is the entry fees and the sponsorship pot added together. So, say you have a tournament with 10 participants (8 is minimum), and make the sign up fee 100k (sounds resonable, eh?), thats a million gold. On tourname

why would a tournament creator want sponsors?
To get the word out. The more sponsors, the more know, and the more total pot at the end of the tournament.

Why would I sponsor a tournament?
The highest tournamnet sponsor gets a neat prize. More to recognize sponsors may be added in the future, and suggestions are always welcome.

What do arena points do?
Each arena team can accumulate points. They are gained by regular area wins, and by winning tournaments. Winning a fight in a tournament will give 2x the points as a regular arena win.

What are some future additions we could look forward to?
First of all, if this system gets use, I will more than certainly expand. Expect rewards in exchance for arena team points, expanded rewards/recognition for tournament winners and sponsors.

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