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Author:  dex [ Mon May 11, 2015 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  New CTF

  • 30 minute games, you will get a 5 minute warning prior to sign up.
  • Sign up period lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Sign should be on the hour, so if the game starts at 1300, thats when the actual sign up period begins.
  • To sign up, find any of the CTF NPC's (currently at brit bank in fel and tram) and double click them during the sign up period.
  • Once you sign up, you will be transported to the waiting room.
CTF Game
  • Once the game begins, teams will be picked based on CTF stats and experience, ie the #1 and #2 guys/gals will never be on the same team.
  • Each team will begin near their respective flag.
  • The object is to steal your opponents flag (simply walk over it) and bring it back to your flag (by double clicking it and targeting your own flag). Your flag must be on your flag holder to get credit for the capture.
  • If a player dies holding the flag, it immediatly drops to the ground, and anyone can pick it up by moving over it.
[*] Players idle for longer than 5 minutes will be booted from the arena.
Game Ends
  • The winning team is determined by, in this order (incase of ties):
    • Score (flag captures - flag losses)
    • Kills (team kills - team deaths)
    • Whichever team did the most damage
    • Random winner (considered highly unlikely it will come to this)
  • Cool stats will be kept!
  • Stats are only recorded if there is at least 1 kill, and 2 flag captures.
  • You will be deposited back in Brit Bank Fel when the game ends

If we can get enough participation, I'll write up a CTF league. Probably along the lines of having a week or two period to get all fights done. Meeting up with other teams and fighting will be up to the players. As the normal games only run twice a day, there will be plenty of time for league matches.

Currenlty, start times are 3pm and 6pm pac time. Tomorrow I will change the 3pm time to 10am, so from here on out, expect 10am and 6pm as the start times.

Author:  dex [ Tue May 12, 2015 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New CTF

Update 05/12/2015

Participants will recieve player points at the end of the game. To recieve points, there must be a score, ie at least 1 kill and 2 flag captures. The points recieved is similiar to the CTF ranking points, not to exceed 100.

Author:  jimbojones88 [ Sat May 16, 2015 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New CTF

This sounds rad!

*I'd like 10 minute sign up periods but w/e*

im sure you mentioned this but i think league CTF games should be sunday only... LIke football. At least until population picks up.

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