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PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:31 pm 
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I had another post in the off topic for a lua database. Originally that was for another project I was going to give a try and it ended up blowing up in my face (figuratively speaking). My own ignorance I guess for even trying but what I did was try drop shipping through what I still believe to be a credible chinese business. I had auctions on ebay setup and running and was planning on starting a store for both cash and crypto currency then it happened... Someone complains and says the item was not what they were expecting and after about a month of "chat" on ebay they (ebay) automatically decide in his favor. As soon as that package he sent me with the old, used and broken item in it arrived ebay dug into my paypal account and gave the money back to him.

After that happens is when I search about scams and its dead simple... buy a popular and expensive item, recieve item, complain saying its significantly not as described and demand a refund. Ebay will side with the buyers almost 100% of the time leaving the seller stuck with the choice of either accepting returned items that they know will be crap *AND* having to pay for the shipping before ebay gives a refund or they can just give a refund and skip having to also pay for return shipping. In my case they didn't charge me for shipping but that was not default I had to complain alot to get that even tho I was 100% scammed =(

Been months now and I have tried lawyers its just too damn expensive. This business over seas is super easy to deal with and I am fairly sure they would help but it all costs money to me as a seller but for the buyer all they need is a few clicks of a mouse and a little fraud.

At least this happened right from the start so I only lost $600 it could have been much worse =(. Hard to believe how easy it is but both ebay, paypal and our nations law seems to be working for the scammers.

[/rant] In anycase that database script is pretty cool. Maybe sqlite would work just as well but I like the random access and being able to refer to 'records' by file offsets.

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