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 Post subject: AutoIT problem
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:16 pm 
Script Kiddie
Script Kiddie

Joined: 01/09/2019 10:25
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I'm trying to access the uo.dll directly from AutoIt with below script. But I'm not getting any result from dll. Do you know what is wrong in this code? I'm starting with this so I copied this code here in this forum.

  1. ; get a handle to use
  2. $UODLL = DllOpen("C:\autoit\uo.dll")
  3. $UO = DllCall($UODLL,"int","Open")
  4. $UOHandle = $UO[0]
  6. ; UO.CliNr = 1
  8. DllCall($UODLL,"int","SetTop","int",$UO[0],"int",0)
  9. DllCall($UODLL,"int","PushStrVal","int",$UO[0],"str","Set")
  10. DllCall($UODLL,"int","PushStrVal","int",$UO[0],"str","CliNr")
  11. DllCall($UODLL,"int","PushInteger","int",$UO[0],"int",1)
  12. DllCall($UODLL,"int","Execute", "int",$UO[0])
  14. ; Result = UO.CliTitle
  16. DllCall($UODLL,"int","SetTop","int",$UO[0],"int",0)
  17. DllCall($UODLL,"int","PushStrVal","int",$UO[0],"str","Get")
  18. DllCall($UODLL,"int","PushStrVal","int",$UO[0],"str","CliTitle")
  19. DllCall($UODLL,"int","Execute","int",$UO[0])
  20. $Result = DllCall($UODLL,"str","GetString","int",$UO[0],"int",1)
  22. ; display UO.CliTitle
  24. MsgBox(0,@error,$Result[0])


 Post subject: Re: AutoIT problem
PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:53 am 
Legendary Scripter
Legendary Scripter

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Location: Kelowna, BC

I'm probably way off but wouldn't you want to use the uoselector unit in the UODLL, with the GetTitle command? Not really sure what CliNr is but I don't see it anywhere in the uo.dll code. I think the best person to answer this is Cheffe though, maybe he will see it.


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