How to prevent patching and keep on playing
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Author:  Orngrimm [ Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:57 am ]
Post subject:  How to prevent patching and keep on playing


This is a new thread on how to prevent patching.
First, you have to know that if you start UO by normal means, you always run the patcher first and the game afterwards.
UO.exe is the patcher. Client.exe is the game itself.
So the one most important thing is to have a backup of your client.exe. Back it up every time you have a working EUO & UO-combo. I even put both (client.exe & EUO.exe) into the same ZIP-file for storrage

So do yourself a favor and choose one of the following methods to prevent patching:
  • Create a link to client.exe in your UO-folder and use this to start the game. Any optional patch will be skipped. If a mandatory/forced patch comes along and denys your login, you may just launch uo.exe and patch after you backed up your client.exe. Be aware that launching client.exe connects you to EA-servers.
  • Use a tool / Launcher like Razor, AssistUO; UOSteam, ... to launch the game. They always pick client.exe to launch. Dont forget to backup the client in any case thou... ;)

Also be aware that even if EA has a forced / mandatory patch, you may still play on one of the many freeshards who dont have this patch.
One of those shards is our own freeshard "Alexandria" where the use of EUO is allowed and openly discussed :)

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