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 Post subject: Alexandria FAQ's
PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 9:52 pm 
I have no life!
I have no life!
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EasyUO Freeshard Project
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Alexandria all about?

Alexandria is the Official EasyUO Freeshard Project. It’s a project meant to allow players to macro freely on a shard. The shard also features script items directly pulled from the EasyUO Public Script Library – a player may choose to collect an in-game script library and have their own PSL on the front step of their house. There are also events based on both ongoing fiction, as well as quick fun monster bashing and even EasyUO Scripting competitions. One of the greatest features, however, is that upcoming changes to the game are put up to polls in the EasyUO forums – YOU decide what direction the shard heads in. Alexandria keeps the same ideals as the EasyUO forums (we prefer you not macro unattended, but attended is perfectly legit).

2. How do I play?

The best way to log on is to download Razor is to CLICK HERE. Automatic account creation is turned on, so there’s no need to PM an administrator for an account. DO NOT USE UOGateway, it's been broken since the 5.0.9.x patch.

Use for the shard address and standard port 2593.

3. Who are all these people with castles?

Our beta testers have retained their belongings from before the server went live. You have to understand that the server was in testing phase for something like a year. This is our way of saying thanks to those faithful testers.

4. How often will events be run?

As often as possible, simply put. We’ll try to run at least one a week. Depending on how many Seers we may recruit in the future, we may have more events per week. We love events.

5. What’s up with the name? “Alexandria”?

Alexandria is a name that we thought would be familiar to EasyUO users, and is named in part after Project Alexandria, the EUO Standard Subs project, and in honor of the EasyUO Public Script Library.

6. Who’s in charge here?

WarLocke and CEO are the game administrators. We have a staff of friendly gamemasters to help you out with any problems you may encounter (however they won’t hesitate to kick your ass if you’re being naughty).

7. What about rules?

Until we get an official rules post written, just use common sense. No racism, no exploits, no harrassing. Remember that you're playing with other human beings. Think of this like EA but we won't ban you for macroing, and we do care about our users.

8. I found a bug / have a suggestion, how can I tell you about it?

Please PM any bugs to WarLocke or CEO. Any suggestions you may have should be posted to the forum - some people might be into the idea and it may end up being put up to a poll.

9. Can I use ScriptBits from the forums for anything related to the shard?

Not yet, but this has been suggested and we’re considering it.

10. I think you should install X script package, it’s really cool!

We’ve reviewed several public script packages and installed the ones we felt were necessary. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them.

11. A GM was seen artificially assisting players, handing out loot, etc...

Report them to CEO or WarLocke and we’ll keep an eye on them. Report falsely, however, and we’ll keep an eye on you.

12. You allow macroing, right? What happens if I get caught unattended?

We do allow macroing, in the spirit of EasyUO. Macroing is accepted and even embraced, but UNATTENDED macroing is frowned upon. If you’re caught unattended, the administration is authorized to... be creative. One of the more common occurances is a deranged barber named El Bandito! who runs around shaving people’s hair and putting beards on women, as well as stealing their craft tools and items. We hear he’s been working taming as well, so he might have a nasty pet at some point. UM at your own risk!

13. Are there any player commands?

There are a few, yes. Commands are prefixed by an apostraphe (').
You can see the available commands by typing 'help

14. Help! I can't hold any more EUOScripts! (and other EUOScript related questions)

EasyUO Script items are unique to our shard, and since the EUO public script library is so enormous (thanks to people like YOU!), there are tons of possible scripts. This is where EUOScriptbooks come in. You can purchase one from a scribe vendor (such as the ones found in Jhelom Library). These books can hold up to 500 scripts per book. When double clicked, these scripts *should* open your browser to the appropriate script thread on the EUO site. There have been cases where this doesn't work, and we can only write it off as a misconfiguration or error in EA's client. In the future we may add a gump to the script items so people with these misconfigured/broken clients can still at least view information on the script in question.

15. Does your shard support Samurai Empire?

The next version of RunUO will support SE and factions, among other things, we're lead to believe. About a month after that version of RunUO is released, we will likely migrate Alexandria to that particular codebase. The reason for this delay is for testing, and to allow the new RunUO release to prove itself stability/security-wise.

16. I created an account earlier, then the server went down and now I can't log in!

This seems to be a problem that's crept up on us. Something to do with creating an account that doesn't last until the server save. PM WarLocke your user/pass and he will recreate the account for you. -HOWEVER- If you feel it's necessary to cheat your way to multiple accounts, don't. We do monitor shared accounts, and will ban the accounts created in this manner if they match up with other account IP's. Account scamming is something we will not tolerate.

17. How often can I receive Veteran Rewards?

30 days on Alexandria is equivalent to one year on EA shards. This will change around June to something like 90 or 120 days, but we wanted to give our early adopters something to look forward to. Like a carrot on a stick. :D

18. How many accounts can I have?

Players may have up to 2 accounts. They may use these two accounts at the same time if they wish. They may NOT have more than 2 accounts for any reason - we do regularly scan our users for accounts flagged as "shared" by any given IP address. Don't cheat you way to 3+ accounts, it abuses the trust placed in our players by having autoaccounts enabled. If we find this is a problem, we'll have to switch to manual creation, and nobody wants that. K?

x. What if there's a question that's not in the FAQ?

Ask and we'll answer.

I give up. Retired from UO completely, 3/20/2012.

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 Post subject: Re: Alexandria FAQ's
PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 3:28 pm 
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beso wrote:
On Alexandria.....can i start off with advanced char's, like what UO offers?
Um.. No. How would we do that, EA charges for that. Since EasyUO is allowed, you can have any char mutli-GMed in under a few days without having to worry about getting in trouble using a 3rd party app.

Warning: DO NOT accept any scripts from players in game! Get them from this website.
People have been known to pass around fake scripts that kill you or drop your Artis!

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 Post subject: Re: Alexandria FAQ's
PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 8:46 pm 
Um, this may be a stupid question, but I'm gonna ask it.... what client version(s) are compatible with Alexandria?

 Post subject: Re: Alexandria FAQ's
PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 9:42 pm 
I've got another question, is it SE compatible? and if so, how do I "upgrade" my account to SE on this shard? Reason I'm asking is I tried to create a Samurai character, but it says I have to upgrade my account to SE before I can do that... just wondering, thanks.

 Post subject: Re: Alexandria FAQ's
PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 10:15 pm 
Master Scripter
Master Scripter
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SE at this time does not work with runuo shards....of course that will change around the 14th (tentitve date) when the new version of runuo is release of course it is up the shard admin on weather or not they up grade.

Speaking of upgrade :wink: what is the plan? Will Alex be SE? Will you turn on all the feature of SE or that current version of runuo does not have (ie factions)?


"Respect the wishes of Freeshard admins. they've spent their own time and money providing a service to you for free. if you cannot or will not support their decisions, then move on to a different shard or even a different game." - Kedrick Valorite

 Post subject: Re: Alexandria FAQ's
PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 8:07 am 
Gravit-E wrote:
I've downloaded UOGateway, and think everything is setup.

Alexandria is in my server list, but when I click on it, I get the message "Unable to download from URL! Download failed!"

Any help?

Click on edit settings ( the page thing on the right where Alexandria is listed) and delete the '\' that is in patch 4 url.

Should be golden after that

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