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Latest version is V1.5.1.287 for UO 2D Client or lower.

It was updated Tue, Apr 21st, 2015.

It can be downloaded here.

Latest Appoved Scripts

* Lexia Stats 2.3
Feb-20-15 by Thesius

* Character ToolBox (Multi Shard/Account) 4.03
Feb-20-15 by josephaj

* runebook copier (alpha) 1.1
Feb-20-15 by Kal In Ex

* Kalies Mage Trainer
Jan-30-13 by kaliofls

* CEORailRunner 1.0
Jan-23-13 by CEO


Our public script library has 1917 scripts and 229 of them are approved.

Our forums have 52027 registered users, 46911 topics and 407390 posts.
uo logo Welcome to the site of the premiere macroing tool for Ultima Online.

So what is EasyUO?
EasyUO is a totally free tool that enables you to write scripts that will make your UO characters perform, pretty much anything, you want them to.

So how do you get started?
If you are totally new to EasyUO and scripting, take our tour. It is designed to give all the important information you need to get a good start with EasyUO. You might as well face it, EasyUO is NOT a plug and play program. You are going to have to get some skills, even if you do not plan to make scripts.
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Account Recovery Policy by CEOTue, Jun 16th, 2015

With over 50,000 registered users, I'm getting WAY too many emails from people that forget their account name, the email used, or their password. Sorry, but I simply do not have time to continually respond and recover accounts that you have forgotten because you haven't been on the forums for so long. If you were/are an active script writer with lots of entries in the library and PSL I may make an exception. There is an "I forgot my password" recovery procedure, but you are out of luck if you don't have access to the email account used to signup or forgot your account name. WRITE IT DOWN NEXT TIME! Or use something like Lastpass for your password manager if you can't keep track of this stuff! Start a new account to get your access back.

Thank you,

EasyUO Administrator

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Forum/Server Updates. by CEOTue, May 13th, 2014

Will probably be taking Forum/PhpBB server offline for about 4 hours over the weekend. In need of some updates that might require a new OS build, think goodness for VMware and snapshots though. If I have to rebuild from scratch it'll be 4 hours or so.


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Tapatalk Mobile App now supported! by snicker7Mon, Jul 15th, 2013

As of today, the EasyUO and Alexandria forums officially support the Tapatalk mobile forum browsing app!

The app, which runs on Android and iOS devices, can be found here:

A few of you may have noticed a message shown on the boards when browsing from an Android or iOS device recently telling you that you could use the Tapatalk app to browse the forums. Tapatalk's app has recently become free and is a great way to browse mobile.


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