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Creature Statistics web service

The Creature Statistics web service delivers statistics for any known monster, based on its type and/or it's name.

The script URL is:

The following parameters are accepted:
Parameter nameRequiredDescription
typeYesThe type string for the monster.

The query will return an array. The count is in the namespace variable !_creatureCount. For each matching creature the following variables are supported:
Variable nameDescription
!_creatureName . %indexThe name.
!_creatureMinHP . %indexThe minimum number of hitpoints.
!_creatureMaxHP . %indexThe maximum number of hitpoints.
!_creatureMinDmg . %indexThe minimum number of damage points the monster deals.
!_creatureMaxDmg . %indexThe maximum number of damage points the monster deals.
!_creatureWorstResist . %indexThe monsters worst resist.
!_creatureAR . %indexThe monster's Armor Rating (Physical Resist).
!_creatureFR . %indexThe monster's Fire Resist.
!_creatureCR . %indexThe monster's Cold Resist.
!_creaturePR . %indexThe monster's Poison Resist.
!_creatureER . %indexThe monster's Energy Resist.
!_creatureSlayerVuln . %indexThe monster's slayer weapon vulnerability.
!_creatureMinGold . %indexThe minimum gold loot.
!_creatureMaxGold . %indexThe maximum gold loot.
!_creatureResources . %indexThe resources that can be found on the monster: leather, scales or none. Scales means both leather and scales.

To use the service in your own script, insert the following code:
set #sendHeader Content-type: , #spc , application/x-www-form-urlencoded$
send HTTPPost /creature.php type= , #findType
If you find any errors in the data provided by this service, please do not hesitate to email us at

That data in this web service only applies to normal OSI production shards. They may be inaccurate when being used with emulator shards and/or Siege-based shards.

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