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_init — Package initialization


This function is internal. Do not use it. It can change without notice.

Initialize constants for this package.

initialize standardized constants: %_NORTHWEST, %_NORTH, %_NORTHEAST, %_EAST, %_SOUTHEAST,%_SOUTH, %_SOUTHWEST,%_WEST, %_SAMETILE

initialize common static variables: %amountContKind, %backpackContKind, %bankContKind, %charSelectContKind, %confirmContKind, %connLostContKind, %draggingContKind, %loginContKind, %menuContKind, %paperdollContKind, %runebookContKind, %shardSelectContKind, %shopContKind, %statusContKind, %bankContType

initialize common delay variables: %_gumpCloseDelay, %_gumpDisplayDelay, %_dropDelay, %_defaultWaitForTimeout

The following variables are to check the package state at runtime. %subsInitialized equals #true when the library is available.

%subsVerMajor, %subsVerMinor and %subsVerRevision: An odd minor version number indicates a development release. An even minor version number indicates a stable release.