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* IP Changes coming soon
Mon, Sep 26th, 2022

* Forum upgrades and IP change
Thu, Apr 4th, 2019

* EasyUO Auto-Update
Thu, Mar 7th, 2019

* Security Reminder
Thu, Dec 3rd, 2015

* How to avoid patching UO
Mon, Sep 7th, 2015

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Latest Appoved Scripts

* Lexia Stats 2.3
Feb-20-15 by Thesius

* Character ToolBox (Multi Shard/Account) 4.03
Feb-20-15 by josephaj

* runebook copier (alpha) 1.1
Feb-20-15 by Kal In Ex

* Kalies Mage Trainer
Jan-30-13 by kaliofls

* CEORailRunner 1.0
Jan-23-13 by CEO

The Grand Tour
So, you've just stumbled upon the world of EasyUO? Well, let us welcome you here. This tour will give you a short overview to help you find all information you need to get it running as quickly as possible.

What can I do with EasyUO?
Using EasyUO, it is possible to automate almost anything you can do when playing Ultima Online. Some of our popular scripts include:
  • Skill trainers: magery 8x8, taming & animal lore, tailoring, alchemy, stealing, poisoning, inscription, multi-skill 8x8
  • Crafters: blacksmithy, scroll makers, tailors, keg fillers
  • Ressource gatherer: boat & runebook miners, lumberjacking, auto fishing
  • Fighting helpers: pot chuggers, auto healers, UOA-like helpers
  • Tools: 8x8 antiblock, bod gatherer, auto looters
Where can I download the program?
You can download EasyUO from our Download Page. Note that there are different EasyUO versions for different 2D UO clients. 3D is not supported!

Take the latest EasyUO if you play on OSI or RunUO shards that use the latest UO client. Freeshard users that require older clients should refer to our Freeshard Board to get more information.

Is EasyUO bannable?
Yes, it is. Like any non-UOPro program, you can get banned if you get caught using it on OSI servers. However, it is not detectable as long as you stay attended.

Refer to our FAQ for more information. It'll only take you about five minutes to read.

Tour: What are scripts and where can I get them?