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Object Type Index :: Carpentry

Menu Item  Category X  Category Y  Object  Type  Notes 
Miscellaneous Add-Ons  80  240    EWH  EWH is the object type for all craftable items that are made as a deed 
Repair Item  330  400       
Mark Item  330  420       
Make Last  80  460       
Other  80  140  Board  TLK  Log Object Type is ZLK 
      Barrel Staves  BTL   
      Barrel Lid  OJL   
      Short Music Stand (L)  MRF   
      Short Music Stand (R)  WRF   
      Short Music Stand (R)  WRF   
      Tall Music Stand (L)  XRF   
      Tall Music Stand (R)  SRF   
      Easel(South)  ITF   
      Easel(East)  STF   
      Easel(North)  UTF   
Furniture  80  160  Foot Stool  QFE   
      Writing Table  DFE   
      Stool  AZD   
      Large Table  JME   
      Straw Chairs  TFE   
      Yew-Wood Table  TGE   
      Wooden Chair  IFE   
      Vesper-Style Chair  KFE   
      Trinsic-Style Chair  SFE  RFE different facing direction 
      Wooden Bench  QIE   
      Magencia-Style Throne  DJE  EJE differnet facing direction 
      Wooden Throne  RIE   
      Small Table  XIE   
Containers  80  180  Wooden Box  CUD  HKF different facing direction 
      Small Crate  ZTD  KKF different facing direction 
      Medium Crate  VMF   
      Large Crate  UMF   
      Wooden Chest  KIF  JIF differnet facing direction 
      Wooden Shelf  BDE   
      Armoire (red)  BVD   
      Armoire  DVD   
      Keg  JKF   
Staves and Shields  80  200  Shepherd's Crook  DMH   
      Quarter Staff  ZPF   
      Gnarled Staff  QMH   
      Fishing Pole  VMF  Also needs yard or piece of cloth 
      Wooden Shield  OIK   
Instruments  80  220  Lap Harp  QRF  Requires at least 45 points in Musicianship to GM Mark Instruments 
      Standing Harp  NRF   
      Drum  MQF   
      Lute  PRF   
      Tambourine  LQF   
      Tambourine (tasseled)  OQF   
Miscellaneous Add-Ons  80  240  Small Bed (South)  FWD  Requries 100 Cloth and 100 Logs/Boards 
      Small Bed (East)  GWD   
      Large Bed (South)  ZWD  Requries 150 Cloth and 150 Logs/Boards 
      Large Bed (East)  YWD   
      Dartboard (South)  UNL  Requries 5 Logs/Boards 
      Dartboard (East)  TNL   
      Ballot Box  AUD   
      Pentagram  SYF  Requries 100 Logs/Boards and 40 Ingots 
      Abbatoir  VYG   
Blacksmithy Add-Ons  80  260  Small Forge  JBG  Requries 5 Logs/Boards and 75 Ingots 
      Large Forge (East)  OUJ  Requries 5 Logs/Boards and 100 Ingots 
      Large Forge (South)  SOJ   
      Anvil (East)  ZAG  Requries 5 Logs/Boards and 150 Ingots 
      Anvil (South)  KBG   
Training Add-Ons  80  280  Training Dummy (East)  SDG  Requries 55 Logs/Boards and 60 Cloth 
      Training Dummy (South)  WDG   
      Pickpocket Dip (East)  VOL   
      Pickpocket Dip (South)  UOL   
Tailoring Add-Ons  80  300  Dressform (Front)  ENF  Requries 25 Logs/Boards and 10 Cloth 
      Dressform (Side)  DNF   
      Spinning Wheel (East)  XEG  Requries 75 Logs/Boards and 25 Cloth 
      Spinning Wheel (South)  JFG   
      Loom (East)  VCG  Requries 85 Logs/Boards and 25 Cloth 
      Loom (South)  IDG   
Cooking Add-Ons  80  320  Stone Oven (East)  DPD  Requries 85 Logs/Boards and 125 Ingots 
      Stone Oven (South)  KPD   
      Flour Mill (East)  KQJ  Requries 100 Logs/Boards and 50 Ingots 
      Flour Mill (South)  NQJ   
      Water Trough (East)  VEE  TEE additional Object Type, Requries 150 Logs/Boards 
      Water Trough (East)  WEE  Requries 150 Logs/Boards 

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