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Object Type Index :: Masonry

Menu Item  Category X  Category Y  Object  Type  Notes 
Mark Item  330  420       
Make Last  330  460      QBG is the object type for the Mining Granite and Stonecrafting Books 
Exit  80  460       
Decorations  80  140  Vase  SEE  ZEH is the object type for the mallet and chisel 
      Large Vase  PEE   
Furniture  80  160  Medium Stone Table (east)     
      Stone Chair  CZG   
      Medium Stone Table  AYG  EWH is the object type for all craftable items that are made as a deed 
      Medium Stone Table  DYG   
      Large Stone Table (east)  FYG   
      Large Stone Table (south)  CYG   
Statues  80  180  Small Statue (south)  SNH   
      Small Statue (north)  XNH   
      Small Statue (east)  YNH   
      Pegasus Statutte  RNH   
Change Granite Type  80  420  Normal  BVI  #findCol = 0. All Masonry Items Retain Color of Stone Used to Make Them 
      Dull Copper  ENK  #findCol = 2419 
      Shadow  ENK  #findCol = 2406 
      Copper  ENK  #findCol = 2413 
      Bronze  ENK  #findCol = 2418 
      Golden  ENK  #findCol = 2213 
      Agapite  ENK  #findCol = 2425 
      Verite  ENK  #findCol = 2207 
      Valorite  ENK  #findCol = 2219 

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